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No Car, No Problem!

Have a seat on our Adventure Bus, relax and enjoy the ride. Welcome to The Adventure Bus Company, where we specialize in affordable Day Trips. We offer two types of Adventure Bus Trips; Outdoor Active Trips and Sight-Seeing Scenic Trips.


1. Outdoor Adventure-Bus Trips: Includes Activities such as; Hiking, Snowshoeing, Kayaking, Canoeing, SUP, HorseBack Riding, Tandem Hang-Gliding & Skydiving, Camping … for people who wish to include the outdoors in their lives.

2. Sight-Seeing Adventure-Bus Trips: Includes Activities such as; Niagara-On-The-Lake, St. Jacobs & it’s Market, Wine-Tasting, Visits to Conservatories such as the indoor Butterfly Gardens and indoor Tropical Bird Pavilions, Botanical Gardens, Lavender Scenting, Chocolate Tasting, Cheese Sampling, Boat Cruises …for people who wish to add some adventure into their lives.

Plus, some of our Adventure Bus Day Trips are a combo of both of the above! For example, our WaterFalls Hikes, and Algonquin Park Moose Viewing Day Trips where we spend the day in Algonquin Provincial Park, spotting moose, plus going to the amazing Visitor Centre and doing two short hikes along the wonderful trails.


PHOTO CONTEST on every Adventure Bus trip you can WIN Adventure Bus Gift Cards of $5’s & $10’s dollar WON on EVERY TRIP !

Only ONE Gift Certificate / Voucher Code can be used to book each event.


A great way to Socialize, Have Fun, and Enjoy the Great Outdoors!


The Adventure Bus Staff